Foulridge planter

(Many thanks to Tony and Yvonne Heys of Hill Top for planter maintenance)

Parish Councillors give their services for free. The Chairmanship rotates annually. We are a non-political body, and liaise with Pendle Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, Lancashire Constabulary, the Fire Service and NHS Trust North West Ambulances to ensure that Foulridge receives a proper level of services.

As the primary level of local government, our duties include:

  • Receiving planning applications and making recommendations to Pendle Council
  • Annually letting out our Allotments, Grazing Land and Sports Fields
  • Maintaining roadside verges and wayside seats
  • We own our Village Hall, and we administer it through our Village Hall Committee, which provides an annual Christmas Party for our Senior Citizens
  • We have a Five Year Plan of Projects which we think will benefit and enhance our village
  • We have recently formed Noyna Publishing to publish our Honorary Village Historian Fay Oldland’s new book, The Story of Foulridge, 2nd Edition

Please browse our site, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us