MINUTES 14th May

Foulridge Parish Council Annual General Meeting
Held in the Village Hall on the 14th May 2018 at 7.30pm


1.  Apologies and approval of absences
Cllr Cannon and Cllr Whitfield were absent and their absence approved.  (Cllr Whitfield arrived at 8.00pm).
PBC Cllr Waugh also sent apologies.

 2. To receive declarations of interest
Item 14 – Cllr Clark declared an interest and will leave the meeting for this item.

3. To approve the Minutes of the last meeting held 9th April 2018
The Minutes were approved as a correct record.

4. Chair’s Report
The Chair, Cllr Clark gave his outgoing Chair’s Report on the year’s work.  He thanked all the councillors and staff for their support and summarised some of the projects undertaken during the year. Many residents have passed on comments about how beautiful the village is looking with the planters in bloom. Subject to grants, the work will continue but costings for the planting will reduce.  The planters are now made and the bulbs will come up again.  There are standing conifers for each year and so just the summer bedding plants will need to be purchased each year.   The opportunity was missed to finish removing self-seeded willow from Lake Burwain as the birds are now nesting and the work will have to be postponed until after the summer.  Cllr Clark said he had enjoyed the work and intended to continue to maintain the display but needed some help.  Cllr Law-Riding volunteered.

Cllr Clark thanked the following for the specific work they had done through the year:
Cllr Whitfield for his completed and planned work on the allotments.
Cllr Knowles for his work on the new Cricket Club lease, for working on the analysis of the utility bills and for reviewing the publication of the Council’s statutory documents.
Cllr Storey for being a very supportive Vice Chair and moving forward with the Calendar, Newsletter, Coffee Mornings and new events.
Cllr Howson for identifying and following up many residents’ issues whilst out and about in the village and via the active Nextdoor Foulridge Facebook page.
Cllr Nicholson for her sterling work to organise the very successful Xmas Party, an enormous amount of work.
PBC Cllr Waugh who was a fabulous Parish Councillor and having stepped down this year,  is still supporting the meeting in his role as Pendle Borough Councillor.
Cllr Law-Riding and Cllr Toft who came onto the Council this year and who are already finding their feet and looking to get involved in new and existing projects.
Cllr Clark felt that the Committee this year has been a really good mixed group of Councillors with many varied skills, who have all been prepared to speak out at the meetings.

Upcoming issues for the new Chair will include keeping up to date with the Transparency Code and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

5. To nominate and elect Chair of Foulridge Parish Council for 2018/19
Cllr Clark nominated Cllr Storey for Chair – Carried unanimously.

6. To nominate and elect the Vice Chair for Foulridge Parish Council for 2018/19
Cllr Storey and Cllr Clark nominated Cllr Knowles for Vice Chair – Carried unanimously.  The Clerk will provide the declarations for the new officers to sign.

Cllr Clark welcomed the two new officers and the meeting continued with Cllr Storey in the Chair.

Cllr Storey thanked Cllr Clark for all his hard work and congratulated him on a successful year’s Chairmanship of the meetings.

 7. Matters arising

 8. Residents’ Issues
Cars have been parking at both sides of the road outside the Church at school times which means they also park over the culvert.  There are no parking restrictions but it is causing significant traffic movement issues.

No sign has yet been erected to direct HGVs and other deliveries to Pendle Polymer.  Cllr Howson will call in and find out what is causing the delay.

A concrete bollard belonging to a resident on Abner Row has been smashed.

With regard to the creation of a parking space on land adjacent to Breeze Cottage, it was proposed that a ten year non-transferable lease be offered at a rent of £52 per year.  The residents are to pay for a drop kerb and any other planning, highways or legal expenses.  The lease will be the same as the other garage nearby.  Unanimously approved

9. To receive an update on issues discussed at the last meeting 

a.Allotments – Cllr Whitfield reported that Field E has now been topped by J Waine as previously approved.  It will be done again later in year when the land is drier.  The Council are still open to the siting of bee hives on the land. It’s suitability for other uses will be considered as it dries out.   A resident has written to say she was upset that the land had been cleared when hares had been seen there. The Clerk has responded explaining the Council’s plans.

A note has been received today from the Secretary of the Allotment Association regarding a tenant who has repaired a leak on his plot at his own expense. Cllr Whitfield will investigate what has been done before any grant towards the work is proposed or approved.  The reported leaks in pavilion were repaired immediately.  It was discovered during that repair that there is already a water meter at the pavilion.  Further investigations will be made.

Community Garden: The ground needs work with heavy equipment to take this project forward.  It is currently in a very poor state.  Cllr Whitfield has received a quotation of £400 to cover insurance for one year to allow him to work with his own machinery on the allotments generally and on the creation of the garden.  The Council agreed that in order to seek best value, Cllr Nicholson will investigate the cost of employing a landscape gardening company to do the preliminary work at least.  The benefit of having Cllr Whitfield and his machinery for a year would be significant as the small flat area at the top of the allotments could also be cleared of willow and debris,  thereby creating parking and turning space which is currently very limited.

b. Foulridge Cricket Club Lease –  Cllr Knowles
Cllr Knowles replied to the Cricket Club on 4/5/18 regarding further various queries.  A meeting with the Cricket Club and Lease working group is arranged for tomorrow night.  Various costs have been analysed to give an accurate context of the finances involved.  It is noted that the land is well maintained.  No examples of possible grants available from having a long lease have yet been forthcoming from the Club.  The Council agreed that the lease needs to be finalised as soon as possible. To report back after the meeting.

c. Horticulture – Cllr Clark
Many positive comments have been received from residents to express their appreciation of the flower display.  One resident said the village had never looked as nice in the 40 years she had lived here.  The purchase of one hundred new planter pots for the 650 begonias already ordered was approved.  They will be ready to plant at the end of the month. Five pots of daffodils have been stolen from the planters.

There has also been a vehicle theft from the village and several reports of minor thefts.  The Councillors felt they could only ask everyone to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity in the village to the Police.

d. Area champions – Cllr Cannon – Not present.
It was noted that the village was looking in good order and relatively litter free.

e. Calendar & Newsletter – Cllr Storey –
The 2019 Calendar is complete and 50 have been ordered from the printers. The purchase price is £6 each including a card envelope for posting.  The Newsletter has been delivered to residents together with the flyer for the coffee mornings.  As approved at the last meeting, the printing was done externally at a cost of £57 for 600 – payment approved.

Jo Cox Great Get Together:
An afternoon tea will be provided in the village hall on 24th June 2018 2-4pm. Free admission. Trawden String Quartet will provide music for the event.   All are welcome.

Mini Antiques Roadshow:
Sunday 19th August 2018 at 12.00– 4pm.  £2 admission fee will be charged to include the valuation of one item.  Further valuations available at £2 each.  Cllr Storey will arrange for the event to be promoted in the local press.

f. Bus Shelter advertising – Cllr Clark –  2 spaces are now being used.  No replacement Perspex purchased yet as prices for metal need to be found and re measuring will be required. The cost of an advert was agreed at £50 for one year. Invoices to be raised by the Clerk for Magikats and Rock Café.

g. Defibrillator training – Cllr Storey.  Nigel at Foulridge Club who is a 1st Responder will do some training at the Coffee Morning on 21st June 2018.

10. Pendle/LCC Council Issues – Cllr J Purcell hasn’t contacted Cllr Whitfield regarding his requested attendance at the highways meeting.  The potholes on Noyna Road are now very deep and dangerous.

 11. Finance
a. Balance of accounts at 18/05/2018. The Parish Council Precept payment has been        received.  The VAT refund for 2016/17 has been claimed and received £839.25. The      VAT claim for 2017/18 will be made once the audit work is completed.
The balance in the Current Account is £28,499
The balance in the Savings Account is £20,000 (Contingency and MUGA Contingency)
b. Authorisation of payments – Payments as per the circulated Payment Schedule were approved.

c. Remuneration of staff – Following the award of one NJC scale increment to Point 21      (and the NJC percentage increase when settled) approved to the Clerk at last                month’s meeting, it was proposed by Cllr Clark that the Caretaker should also                receive a cost of living rise of 2.5% on his remuneration with effect from 1st April              2018. Unanimously approved.

d. Internal and External Audit – The Clerk reported that the previous Internal Auditor has now advised that she hadn’t intended to do the work this year.  Barnoldswick Town Council were able to forward the details of the auditor they and several other councils use (Yorkshire Internal Audit).  The cost is £120 and the auditor can visit and collect all the necessary documents tomorrow. Approved.
The 30 working day period for the Exercise of Public Rights was agreed as per the External Auditor’s instructions.  This will be 25th June – 3rd August 2018.  The Council will publish on the village noticeboard and on the Parish Council website, the “Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return” and Sections 1 & 2 of the approved AGAR the day before the period for public rights commences.

Foulridge Parish Council
Payment Schedule to approve at Meeting
15th May 2018


Repair to defibrillator at Foulridge Club J King 09/04/2018 34.50 1125 24
Northstar Printing Coffee Morning 21/04/2018 57.00 BACS 51
Northstar Printing Newsletter 21/04/2018 104.50 BACS 47
Refund J Storey printer inks 19/04/2018 21.31 BACS 27
PBC Non domestic rate Playing Fields x2 payments 02/05/2018 79.54 1126 31
Caretaker Salary Month 1 01/05/2018 277.50 BACS 28 8.20
Clerk Salary Month 1 01/05/2018 307.74 BACS 26 76.80
HMRC PAYE 14/05/2018 85.00 BACS 29
EON Cricket Pavillion 24/04/2018 32.94 BACS 36
J Waine invoice – Grass cutting & strimming 1of8 19/04/2018 184.00 BACS 49
Stephen Waite invoices x2 = 12.5 hrs & Sand & Cement 31/03/2018


136.20 BACS 42
Refund T Clark LBS Worldwide for Pots (receipt) 10/05/2018 57.24 1127 38

12. New items for consideration.
Several items were discussed including renovation of the duck-pond and completing the community garden. Ideas for making use of the unused football field included holding a car boot sale or a village show. For further consideration.

13. To consider and agree on work for the handyman –
Work to prevent the spring at the duck pond overflowing through the wall and onto the pavement is outstanding for when the handyman returns from holidayThe cricket field needs fencing across the gap (created by the felling of trees encroaching on the power lines) to prevent vehicles accessing the ground. Cost of materials and work approved.
The railings on Skipton Road towards Kelbrook need repainting.  It was agreed to ask Cllr Cannon to be the main contact for the handyman in future so that the jobs can be tracked.

 14. To consider applications to Planning & Highways – Weekly lists circulated prior to meeting
Cllr Clark had declared an interest in a planning matter and so left the meeting.  An application has been received for the creation of a new stone road to Lower Broach Farm to create two separate means of access to the two separate properties there.   No objections were raised.

15. Any other business
Residents’ views on whether to buy an artificial tree or continue with a real tree each Christmas have been sought in person and via the web.  The response was overwhelmingly in favour of a real tree.  Unexpectedly, a resident of the village has now offered to make a donation to cover the cost of a real Christmas tree for the village for the next five years.   The Council expressed their sincere gratitude at this very generous gesture on behalf of all residents.  There seems to be no doubt that the real illuminated tree is eagerly anticipated and greatly appreciated over the Christmas period.

Cllr Knowles asked the Council to consider changing the day of the meeting when a bank holiday meant the meeting would be delayed.  No decision was made.

A new flag has been donated for the village flagpole, the old one having become ragged.  The Clerk will write and thank the donor for this kind donation.

Cllr Storey has asked the Clerk to make enquiries about the ownership of the Lime Kiln at the canal wharf.

No further business. Meeting closed.

Date and time of the next meeting – Monday 4th June 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  Please contact Deborah Cocker on 01282 867474 prior to the meeting if you wish to speak on a particular topic.


 Foulridge Village Hall Committee Meeting 14th May 2018
Held in Foulridge Village Hall at 7pm


1.Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest
Graham Cannon, Brian Whitfield.  No declarations.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting held 9th April 2018
The Minutes were approved as a true record

3. Matters Arising
There were no matters arising

4. Village Hall Report – S Burnett
Protec have made their annual fire safety visit today. The emergency lighting was all functioning but the smoke alarm is faulty in the kitchen and cellar.  D Cocker to request a quote for repair.

 5. Finance Report
The balance in the Village Hall account on 20th April 2018 is £7826.19

The Caretaker provided Village Hall Monthly Report (one party and regular users) and £85.00 cash from users was handed to Clerk and a receipt issued.

6. Authorisation of payments
Six items were approved for payment as per schedule, a total of £596.19.

14th May 2018

CNG Gas 10/05/2018


33.30 DD 14
Opus Energy 29/04/2018


26.01 DD 15
Waterplus 1of4 Surface & Highway Waste 27/04/2018


88.75 903 13
Waterplus Jan-April water & sewerage 02/05/2018


253.46 903 13
Protec Extinguishers 27/04/2018


144.67 902 16
Protec Fire alarm, lights 23/04/2018 50.00 902 16

7. Any other business
The submersible pump in the water trough outside the village hall needs attention as it is currently switched off because of a leak.

The Caretaker was notified of the decision by Foulridge Parish Council to increase his remuneration by 2.5% with effect from 1st April 2018.

Date of Next Meeting Monday 4th June 2018 at 7 pm.


Foulridge Parish Council Meeting
To be held in the Village Hall on the 14th May 2018 at 7.30pm

1.Apologies and approval of absences

2. To receive declarations of interest

3. To approve the Minutes of the last meeting held 9th April 2018 as a correct record

4. Chair’s Report

5. To nominate and elect Chair of Foulridge Parish Council for 2018/19

6. To nominate and elect the Vice Chair for Foulridge Parish Council for 2018/19

7. Matters arising

8..Residents’ Issues

9. To receive an update on issues discussed at the last meeting
a. Allotments  – B Whitfield
b.  Foulridge Cricket Club Lease – B Knowles
c. Horticulture – T Clark
d. Area champions – G Cannon
e. Calendar & Newsletter – J Storey
f. Bus Shelter advertising – T Clark
g. Defibrillator training – J Storey

10. Pendle/LCC Council Issues

11. Finance
      a. Balance of accounts
      b. Authorisation of payments
c. Remuneration of staff

12. New items for consideration

 13. To consider and agree on work for the handyman

 14. To consider applications to Planning & Highways – Weekly lists circulated prior to meeting

15. Any other business

Date and time of the next meeting – Annual General Meeting – Monday 4th June 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  Please contact Deborah Cocker on 01282 867474 prior to the meeting if you wish to speak on a particular topic.





Foulridge Village Hall Committee Meeting 14th May 2018
To be held in Foulridge Village Hall at 7pm

1. Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

2.  Minutes of the Last Meeting held 9th April 2018

3. Matters Arising

4. Village Hall Report – S Burnett

5.  Finance Report

6. Authorisation of Payments

7. AOB

Date of Next Meeting Monday 4th June 2018 at 7 pm.