Annual Finance Meeting 2018 – Minutes

Foulridge Parish Council Finance Meeting
22nd January 2018 at 6.30pm

 Present: Councillors: T Clark (Chair), J Storey (Vice Chair), G Cannon,
M Howson, B Knowles, A Law-Riding, H Nicholson, B Whitfield
In attendance: D Cocker (Clerk)

Apologies received and accepted: G Toft 

Declarations of Interest. – Not applicable for the purposes of setting the precept.

Review of the Parish Council budget for 2017/18
Current and projected year end spend was reviewed. Spend has been within budget to date but annual inflation is 2.7% over the last twelve months. Water and fuel bills are a significant cost. 

Agree the budget for 2018/19

  • That £10,000 be set aside for development of the MUGA and as a contingency fund.
  • To consider several new village projects to be discussed at the February FPC Meeting
  • To repair and improve the footpath from Archery Avenue to the MUGA
  • To make a donation to the Allotment Association to allow them to employ a contractor to begin the creation of the Community Garden, to clear the site and remove rubbish.  The Council agreed to pay for a hired skip for that purpose.
  • To pay for the hire of equipment for volunteers to continue to remove rogue willow trees from Lake Burwain
  • To make a £100 donation to the Canal and Rivers Trust in appreciation of the amenity they provide to the village and its residents and visitors.
  • To build and stock more flower boxes for display around the village
  • To develop the current website
  • To replace the flag at the cenotaph which has become ragged.
  • To contribute to the provision of dog waste bags for the dispensers placed on footpaths that were donated by Barka Lounge
  • To consider alternatives to the Christmas Tree which cost more than the budget amount this year and is an expensive provision.
  • To take into account the removal of rate relief for the playing fields as the Parish Council were notified by Pendle Borough Council that this had been applied by PBC in error.

No spend had yet been necessary on the bus shelters but their life is limited and repair or removal may be necessary at any time.

It was agreed that several items on the budget were duplications and not helpful when calculating future spend. It was agreed that the Clerk would work to provide slightly simplified budget heads for 2018/19.

Taking into account the rate of inflation, the need to prepare for spend on the MUGA and to be prudent in the setting aside of a contingency fund, the Council resolved unanimously that the precept for Foulridge Parish Council 2018/19 should increase by 3% (three per cent) which equals a payment of £21232.42.  This increase means a small increase of 73p on a Band D property Council Tax Bill and proportionately less on lower bands.

 Agree the budget for the Village Hall.

The budget for the Village Hall was reviewed. The Parish Council agreed to  continue to provide financial support to the Village Hall.

To investigate solar panels to reduce the costs of power to the hall.

To replace the outside light which is making entry and exit difficult.

The Council resolved unanimously that the budget be approved as per projected year end spend.

To review and amend where necessary the following documents;

 Register of Assets

  • Risk Assessment Document
  • Financial Regulations
  • Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit
  • Internal Audit Checklist

The above documents were reviewed and approved unchanged.


Meeting closed at approximately 20.30

January 2018 – Minutes

Foulridge Parish Council Meeting
8th January 2018 at 7.30pm

Councillors:  S A Clark (Chair),  G Cannon, M Howson, B Knowles, A Law Riding, H Nicholson, J Storey (Vice Chair), G Toft, B Whitfield.

PBC Councillor G Waugh

In attendance: D Cocker, Clerk

 1. Apologies and approval of absences

 2. To receive declarations of interest

3. To resolve that the Minutes of the last meeting held on 4th December 2017 are a correct record.
The Minutes were approved as a correct record.

4. Matters arising
Website problems.
Councillors are aware of ongoing problems with the website.  It is a little improved since J Hartley’s visit and they are prepared to carry on for the time being.  It does now look livelier with a new background.  Councillors agreed to make informal enquiries re other solutions.

5. To receive an update on issues discussed at the last meeting

a. Allotments
A power outage has been notified by Electricity North West for 25th January to complete the work to lop or remove trees interfering with the power lines.  Very little impact is expected on residential property other than the farms.

The site of the water meter for the cricket pavilion has been identified on Skipton Old Road near the duck pond. The allotments water meter is at the top right hand house on Highfield Avenue.  G Cannon had arranged to meet with United Utilities but they failed to attend.

No further progress has been made regarding a new electric meter box on the cricket field.

To investigate who is responsible for turning the water on and off over the winter months.

Plot 4b and Plot 16 have now both let now. Plot 27’s tenant has confirmed they wish to continue with their tenancy.

John O’Hara has been given the go ahead to clear the community plot. The Parish Council have agreed a Donation to Allotment Society to clear the plot and that the Parish Council will pay for skips.

b. Foulridge Cricket Club Lease – B Knowles
T Clark and B Knowles have previously presented the lease from the working group to the Councillors.  B Knowles and T Clark to attend Cricket Club meeting on 15th January.

c. Horticulture – T Clark
Nothing to report during this winter season.  More planters are planned for next year.

d. Area champions – G Cannon
There is quite a lot of litter around and a need to get organised in a month’s time. Official complaints have been made re non collection of waste by PBC.

 e. Calendar & Newsletter – J Storey
Calendars for 2018 were all sold.  Expenditure was £296.22 – Income £360.00  Profit. 63.78.  Councillors thanked Councillor Storey for producing and marketing the calendars which have been a great success.  Plans are already underway for 2019.

The quarterly newsletter draft was circulated and will be going to print next week.  Magikats have agreed to place an advert.

Bus Shelter advertising – Advertising has been agreed with Magikats and Mrs Whitfield and a Gift Shop. The Bus Shelters need cleaning.  T Clark will arrange for power washing.

f. Defibrillator – J Storey . The new defibrillator is operational. J Cooney plans to provide training sessions in next few weeks.

6. Pendle Council Issues
Councillor Storey had placed a poster in Foulridge Club asking for suggestions for the new development off Warehouse Lane and there were 3 suggestions from the developers.   The Councillors voted on the suggestions put forward and it was agreed to propose Buttercup Close in memory of the famous Foulridge cow which swam through the Mile Tunnel in 1912. The photograph of the cow is no longer displayed anywhere since the Hole in Wall pub was demolished and so using Buttercup for the name for the development would keep this piece of Foulridge history alive.  The Clerk will contact the developers and explain the background to the Councillors’ choice.

Report from G Waugh:
The old Health Centre in Colne has been passed for re-development.

A planning application for change of access to the Foulridge old vicarage development shows this will now be via the church entrance and not via Burwains Avenue which is already congested and too narrow.  The new houses are to be built on the old garage site.   The Councillors noted that parking is already a problem when there are events at the Church with cars parked all along the A56.  When the application goes forward to the Planning Committee, parking and road width will be considered and agreed.  A report will be provided from LCC highways before that meeting.  All new developments now include 2 parking places. The Church will lose its existing parking spaces. Development is still at the outline planning stage at present for 9 houses and access. Councillors asked if the development would include affordable housing but apparently this is not always a requirement.

Councillors will continue to contact the LCC re potholes.  The flooding at Hill Top shows no improvement.   It is a good idea to compile a list of any problems with footpaths, stiles, boundaries, etc. now and notify Tom Partridge, Footpaths Officer,  as funding may be not be assured in the future.  Stiles, i.e. ways through fences and walls need to have access registered. G Cannon was aware of some problems with footpaths close to the shooting lodge above Noyna.

7. Residents’ Issues
Gritting of minor roads – A suggestion had been received from a resident about employing contractors to grit minor roads in the village.  Councillors discussed the issue but felt this was too big a responsibility and cost for the Council to undertake as residents would prefer their roads to be gritted.  The resident has been referred to Councillor D Whipp.

A grit bin is required for Skipton Old Road which gets very icy.  D Cocker to liaise with G Toft.

Footpath through T&R Engineering to Warehouse Lane – T Clark visited T&R this week.  Dog fouling has been an issue for the company.  The yard through which people walk is used by fork lift trucks and courier and trucks.   Currently the present barriers are lifted when a vehicle approaches. The company have concerns re insurance with pedestrians walking through a working a factory yard.  Two properties have access to the area.  Residents have reported that the path has been used for over 100 years and used to be closed on one day per year.  G Cannon advised that residents can make application to have the footpath put on the definitive map but this may not be appropriate action for the Council to take as they have responsibilities to both to residents and to commercial companies in the village.  Written evidence would need to be sought as its long time use is currently via oral history only.  Back Station Road is in a poor state and Councillors considered whether this could be made into a better alternative route. The derelict building may be demolished. Clerk to advise resident to contact Tom Partridge.

Parking outside school drive  A letter has been received from a resident re double parking on the A56 at school times causing serious delays for road users.  Councillor Clark has spoken with the residents and advised them of what action has been taken in the past and advised them who to contact.

Parish Land at Skipton Old Road  Enquiries have been received regarding the purchase of some Parish Land.  The Councillors discussed ownership of the land off Skipton Old Road, which several potential purchasers of a property for sale there have been interested in buying.  The Councillors acknowledged there are parking problems for all the residents at the bottom of Skipton Old Road.  G Cannon will attempt to gain more clarification of the current boundaries. Councillors resolved to confirm to all enquirers that the land is not for sale.

The Village Green  G Cannon advised that Land Registry shows No. 33 Towngate owns a patch of the green.  Councillors discussed whether the green should be registered as owned by the FPC for its future protection. G Cannon believed this had been addressed before but not completed.  The Clerk will check current situation.

8. Finance

a. Balance of accounts – The current accounts were circulated prior to the meeting. The Council has some areas where although spend has been low this year, there is potential for repair, maintenance or replacement costs to be very high in the future e.g. play area surfaces and equipment and maintenance of bus shelters.

b. Authorisation of payments – Payments as per schedule were approved.

Schedule of Payments 8th January 2018                                                                                                                                              


S Burnett, M9, wages Dec 2017 (inc tax refund 25.40) 31/12/2017 265.96 1195 29
D Cocker, M9, Salary Dec 2017 31/12/2017 296.71 BACS 27
Waterplus 19/12/2017 338.81 1192 39
Xmas Party Caterer 14/12/2017 937.50 1187 35
Refund D Cocker A4 paper & Key for postbox 13/12/2017 7.75 BACS 28
S Waite x 4 hrs 21/12/2017 40.00 1190 44
Refund J Storey – Jane Killeen’s Retirement event 07/12/2017 39.60 1191 34
Grasscutting J Waine corrected invoice cut 8 of 8 03/01/2017 184.00 1193 50
HMRC 03/01/2017 74.20 1194 30
Refund to G Cannon re Land Registry docs Skipton Old Rd. 14/12/2017 24.00 1195 32

Banking issues – The Clerk had some concerns re internet banking security as transaction amount limits were set very high by the bank and could not be changed.  Councillors felt that the bank themselves took responsibility for fraud beyond the Council’s control and that Parish Council controls had been agreed for transaction limits for the Clerk.  Providing procedures were followed then there should be no cause for concern.

c. The Annual Finance Meeting was arranged for Monday 22nd January 6.30pm when budget for 2018/19 will be agreed. Documentation and precept calculator from Pendle Borough Council was circulated prior to the meeting.

d. New projects Any proposals for new projects should be forwarded to the Clerk in time to be added to the next Agenda for the next meeting.

9. To consider and agree on work for the handyman

None required for the Parish Council at present. The noticeboard on the village hall requires attention and the outside light there is inadequate.

10. To consider applications to Planning & Highways – Weekly lists circulated prior to meeting. No action required.

11. Any other business
There were no further matters raised and the meeting was closed.

Date and time of the next meeting – Monday 5th February 2018 at 7.30 pm.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  Please contact Deborah Cocker on 01282 867474 prior to the meeting if you wish to speak on a particular topic.

January 2018 – Agenda

Foulridge Parish Council Meeting

To be held in the Village Hall on the 8th January 2018 at 7.30pm


1. Apologies and approval of absences 

2. To receive declarations of interest

3. To resolve that the Minutes of the last meeting held on 4th December 2017 are a correct record.

 4. Matters arising

5. To receive an update on issues discussed at the last meeting
a. Allotments – B Whitfield
b. Foulridge Cricket Club Lease – B Knowles
c. Horticulture – T Clark
d. Area champions – G Cannon
e. Calendar & Newsletter – J Storey
f. Defibrillator – J Storey

6. Pendle Council Issues
Naming of new development at Warehouse Lane 

7. Residents Issues
Gritting of minor roads
Footpath through T&R Engineering to Warehouse Lane

8. Finance
Balance of account
Authorisation of payments

9. To consider and agree on work for the handyman

10. To consider applications to Planning & Highways
– Weekly lists circulated prior to meeting

11.  Any other business

Date and time of the next meeting – Monday  2018 at 7.30


Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  Please contact Deborah Cocker on 01282 867474 prior to the meeting if you wish to speak on a particular topic.