Do you know anything about this Memorial Plaque?

A member of the public is trying to find the current location of a memorial plaque
which was dedicated to James Atkinson, a former member of the Foulridge Ambulance Division of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade. He died in South Africa, during the Boer War in 1902, and the plaque was unveiled in  the “Ambulance Hall,” in
1903. The Ambulance Hall became the Village Hall in the late 1950s. The plaque cannot be found in the Village Hall.

The following is the full article from the Burnley Express, Wednesday 21st October 1903:

An interesting ceremony took place in the Ambulance Hall on Saturday, when a memorial plate was unveiled, which had been unveiled to the memory of James Atkinson, a former member of the Foulridge Ambulance Division. He went out to South Africa during the war, but succumbed to enteric fever at Clanwilliam Hospital, June 24th, 1902, after six months’ service. There was a large gathering of people, including the family of the deceased, members of the Foulridge, Colne, and Barnoldswick Ambulance Divisions. Councillor Ed. Carr, J.P., president of the Foulridge Ambulance Corps, presided, and was supported by Dr. Thompson, district chief surgeon, of Oldham; Dr. Dickey, Colne; Mr. Marquis, Colne; and the Rev. D. H. Hall.
Councillor Carr said they were met under somewhat melancholy circumstances. It was no mean sacrifice their comrade had made, and he trusted that the force of this beautiful example would not be lost upon them. He had heard duty’s call, and had obeyed and died in his country’s service. The Foulridge Ambulance Division had been able to send six of their brothers in that far-off clime. He considered it was a good proportion, taking into account the size of the corps and village.
Dr. Thompson congratulated them upon having sent out during the late war the largest percentage of members of any other corps in Lancashire. He then unveiled the memorial plate, the inscription on which was as follows: – “In affectionate remembrance of James Atkinson, one of our late esteemed members, who died of enteric fever whilst serving his King and country, at Clanwilliam Hospital, Cape Colony, S.A., June 24th, 1902. Erected by the members of the Foulridge Division.”
(Burnley Express, Wednesday 21st October 1903)

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