9th APRIL 2018

Foulridge Parish Council Meeting
To be held in the Village Hall on the 9th April 2018 at 7.30pm

 Present: Councillors: T Clark (Chair), G Cannon, M Howson, B Knowles, A Law-Riding, H Nicholson, J Storey (Vice Chair) G Toft, B Whitfield
Pendle Councillors: G Waugh, J Purcell
In attendance: D Cocker (Clerk)

1.Apologies and approval of absences
There were no apologies for absence

 2. To receive declarations of interest
There were no declarations of interest

3. To resolve that the Minutes of the last meeting held 5th March 2018
The Minutes of the Meeting 5th March 2018 were approved as a correct record.

 4. Matters arising
Parish Council Website –Cllr Knowles is posting all the necessary statutory documents to the website to comply with the Transparency Code.  The Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Accounts are already added monthly.  The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR,) which replaces the Data Protection Act in May, also need to be addressed. Councillors will give consideration to the appointment of a Data Protection Officer.  The Clerk will re-circulate GDPR information and Privacy Notice templates from LALC.

Historic Parish documents have been collected by Cllr Cannon for review from the solicitors. There are some interesting pieces of village history amongst them.  The Councillors agreed that steps should be taken to confirm the status of the village green via the solicitor.  ACTION: To prepare appropriate evidence to take this forward.  Historic documents of interest will be scanned if possible before they are returned to the solicitors.

The Defibrillator at the Club which had developed a fault has had an urgent repair by an electrician and the invoice brought to the meeting.  This was added to the payment schedule at the meeting and approved.

 5. Residents’ Issues
Concern was expressed by a resident who attended the meeting about lorries taking the wrong route into Pendle Polymer endangering property and pedestrians on Warehouse Lane and Town Gate.  The Council made no objection to a bollard being placed on the corner but felt this may not resolve the issue.  The Chair has already discussed the issue with PP and arrangements are underway to place a sign on the corner for drivers.  As a temporary measure a traffic bollard will be put on the pavement.  It was suggested that the proper delivery route should be included with drivers’ orders/invoices. The situation is exacerbated by cars parked on the bend where there are no parking restrictions. The resident and Chair will contact Highways about the problem.

Breeze Cottage – A request has been received from residents to make use of a piece of land next to the cottage for parking.  The Council do not wish to sell the land but are open to leasing the area marked on the residents’ drawing.  It would tidy up a derelict piece of land and help with the parking problems at Town Top. The Council agreed the proposal subject to the work being properly carried out with a well-built retaining wall, similar to the garage plot recently reconstructed adjacent to the duck pond.  The residents will be responsible for gaining any necessary permissions e.g.  to drop the kerb and for fulfilling any other planning requirements. Cllr Clark will contact.

6. To receive an update on issues discussed at the last meeting

 a. Allotments – Cllr Whitfield thanked Cllr Cannon for providing some piping to improve drainage problems. The Council agreed to purchase the remainder required.  A single large drain to run the length of the allotments into which each allotment could tap might be the best solution.  ACTION: To investigate a safe way to get the proposed drain dug out when the ground is dry enough to permit access.

Following the lopping and removal of trees by Electricity NW, there is now open access to the cricket field and a new 16’ length of fence is required to secure it from rogue vehicles etc.   Purchase and erection of additional fencing was approved. ACTION: To investigate acquiring road planings to repair the badly torn up path down to and through the allotments.

Some allotment holders have asked why Plots 23 – 27 are not allowed livestock.  The Council felt that whilst historically, livestock has been permitted on the allotments and the Council recognise this is a popular hobby for many people; the keeping of poultry etc. does present issues visually and can attract vermin.  With the new allotments and a clean area, it was agreed that these should be kept for horticulture only.  Current holders of No Livestock allotments can join the waiting list for one where livestock is permitted if they wish.  Allotment holders have also asked about keeping bees.  The Council had no objection to using the rough field beyond the new allotments for this purpose with due regard to adjoining footpaths and public comfort and safety.

The Clerk reported that almost all allotment and field rents for 2018/19 have been paid.  Reminders have been sent to the couple outstanding.  There are 5 names on the Allotment Waiting List.

b. Foulridge Cricket Club Lease
Cllr Knowles provided an update on the new lease.  A response to the Cricket Club’s questions has been sent and a reply received on 4th April.  The Cricket Club have a meeting scheduled for today and an update of progress will be provided at the next Council meeting.

c. Horticulture – Cllr Clark has filled the wooden planters with 132 pots of daffodils and erected white verge markers to protect the land at the bottom of the school lane where it had been damaged by vehicles. The begonias to follow the daffodils are all ordered and on the payment schedule. The Council thanked Cllr Clark for all the horticultural work he has carried out and agreed it had been a very successful project in improving the look of the village for residents and those passing through.

d. Area champions – Cllr Cannon asked Councillors to note that there is very little litter in Foulridge compared with neighbouring areas and the combination of tidy, caring residents and of the Handyman carrying out regular litter picking were keeping the village in good order. A few litter pickers are still available for people who want to clean an area.

e. Calendar & Newsletter – Cllr Storey has prepared the Newsletter ready to send to the printers. The cost of producing the Calendar for 2019 will increase a little from last year. A working party was agreed to help choose final photos from the very popular 60 already provisionally collected.  It was agreed the Calendars should go on sale at £6 including calendar envelope.

f. Antiques Roadshow Event: Cllr Storey has sourced a valuer from Hellier’s at Blackburn, Jonathan Cook. A  Sunday afternoon event may be possible. Suggested is admission £2 including one free valuation, further valuations £2 each.  Cllr Storey will select a date and agree same with Heliers and the VH caretaker.

g. Bus Shelter advertising – Magikats and Rock Café have their adverts ready. Cllr Clark is pricing up aluminium or alternatives to complete repairs

h. Defibrillator training – Cllr Storey has spoken to Nigel at the Social Club who will carry out training. It was agreed that to do this at a Thursday morning coffee morning would be an excellent idea with an additional evening session.

6. Pendle Council Reports
Cllr. Purcell gave a report on the strenuous efforts being made to have the multitude of dangerous potholes across the borough repaired urgently and to a proper standard.   Responsibility for highways lies with the leader of the County Council to whom residents and Councillors can continue to contact to express their concern. 

Cllr Waugh reported that at the housing development behind the church went through at the last Pendle Council planning meeting.   There are some changes to the source of funding for areas e.g. Colne, Barnoldswick, which will now come from the revenue not the capital budget. The Environmental Improvement Fund should still be forthcoming.  The whole Council structure will change in May to a committee system of 17 councillors.

7. Finance
a. Balance of accounts – Accounts and Transactions were circulated with meeting              documents prior to meeting.
Current a/c = £9222.88
Deposit a/c to form the MUGA and General Contingency Fund for 2018/19 =                  £20,000.
The balance in the dormant Noyna Publishing a/c has been moved to the deposit            account and is now a zero balance.
b. Authorisation of payments. As per payment schedule.  Allotment Association              Insurance is also due to be paid – (to be added to schedule).  Electrician’s invoice
for repair of defibrillator fitting added to schedule.  Payments approved.  The Parish Council Insurance premium renewal has just been received.
c. Councillors agreed that the Clerk should receive one increment to salary as per Local Authority pay scales this year effective from 1st May 2018. Any increase to Local Authority pay scales agreed nationally this year will also be paid.
d. A thorough analysis of the utility bills covering the period Jan 2017 to January 2018 has now been undertaken. The water supply for some of the Allotments is connected to the Cricket Pavillion.  Electricity usage at the Pavillion is low and there is no mains gas supply.

Foulridge Parish Council Payment Schedule 9th April 2018

Refund J Storey 2 bookcases 03/03/2018 (receipts) 09/04/2018 40.00 1117 34
Refund J  Storey Printer Ink 27/03/2018 (receipts) 09/04/2018 51.09 1118 34
D Cocker Salary Month 12 09/04/2018 296.71 BACS 27 74.20 HMRC
S Burnett Salary Month 12 09/04/2018 225.16 BACS 29 4.60 refund HMRC
Travel Exp B Knowles Training

( Exp Form)

09/04/2018 12.60 1119 49
LALC Planning Workshop x1 09/04/2018 25.00 1120 49
LALC Membership Subscription 09/04/2018 221.04 1121 37
Gledstone Gardens 09/04/2018 780.00 1122 40
T Clark Travel & Subsistence March 2018 (Exp Form) 09/04/2018 68.74 1124 47
Refund T Clark Timber & equipment for environmental improvements (receipts). March2018 09/04/2018 325.09 1123 47
HMRC 09/04/2018 69.40 BACS 30
2018-19 Expenditure    
Refund D Cocker Viking Printer Cartridges X4 09/04/2018 37.67 BACS 27
Insurance Premium for Allotment Association 09/04/2018 250.43 BACS 30
Repair to defibrillator at Foulridge Club J King 09/04/2018 34.50 CHQ 24

8. New items for consideration
The Jo Cox Get Together will take place in the village hall again this year on Sunday 24th June. Cllr Storey will arrange for Trawden String Quartet to provide background music.

Cllr Nicholson has sourced extra chairs for the village hall at a cost of £2 per chair.  Councillors are also looking for suitable round tables.

 9. To consider and agree on work for the handyman – To continue litter picking and to carry out pointing to village hall yard.

10. To consider applications to Planning & Highways – Weekly lists circulated prior to meeting. No Foulridge applications

11.  Any other business
Cllr Law-Riding has investigated the Community Infrastructure Payments scheme.  It is payable via the Borough Council for specific assistance made necessary by a development in a parish.

Date and time of the next meeting – Annual General Meeting/ Election of Chair – Monday 14th May 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  Please contact Deborah Cocker on 01282 867474 prior to the meeting if you wish to speak on a particular topic.


Foulridge Parish Council Meeting
To be held in the Village Hall on the 9th April 2018 at 7.30pm

1.  Apologies and approval of absences

 2. To receive declarations of interest

3. To resolve that the Minutes of the last meeting held 5th March 2018

 4. Matters arising

 5. Residents’ Issues

6. To receive an update on issues discussed at the last meeting

 a. Allotments  – B Whitfield 

b. Foulridge Cricket Club Lease – B Knowles

c. Horticulture – T Clark

d. Area champions – G Cannon

 e. Calendar & Newsletter – J Storey

 f. Bus Shelter advertising – T Clark

g. Defibrillator training – J Storey

6. Pendle Council Issues

7. Finance
    a. Balance of accounts
    b.Authorisation of payments

8. New items for consideration

 9. To consider and agree on work for the handyman

 10. To consider applications to Planning & Highways – Weekly lists circulated prior          to meeting

11. Any other business

Date and time of the next meeting – Annual General Meeting – Monday 14th May 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  Please contact

Deborah Cocker on 01282 867474 prior to the meeting if you wish to speak on a particular topic.


Foulridge Village Hall Committee Meeting 9th April 2018
Held in Foulridge Village Hall at 7pm

Present: T Clark (Chair), J Storey (Vice Chair), G Cannon, M Howson, B Knowles, H Nicholson, G Toft, B Whitfield.  In attendance: S Burnett (Caretaker), D Cocker (Clerk)  

1.Apologies and Declarations of Interest

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting held 5th March 2018
Approved as a correct record.

3. Matters Arising
Following a detailed analysis of the utility bills and constant monitoring of the water meter, a fault was discovered on the water pump to the trough outside the hall.  This has been turned off and consumption is already showing a significant decrease at the meter.

4. Events

Coffee morning
J Storey reported that two Coffee Mornings/Book exchanges have now been held and although the first was badly affected by heavy snow, there is increasing interest from residents.  It was agreed that from 19th April these will be held once a month on the 3rd Thursday of the month 10am – 12pm and are free of charge. The advertising posters and leaflets have been designed and are ready for printing.  A write up will be published in the Colne Times.

The Committee thanked Foulridge Club who have agreed to deliver the coffee morning leaflets and the newsletters.  The Committee agreed to refund any printing costs (ink and professional printing) for 600 colour leaflets to J Storey.

Jo Cox Great Get Together.  J Storey proposed and the committee agreed that this event should go ahead as the second annual event in memory of the late Jo Cox MP and which is intended to bring communities together.  It will be held on Sunday 24th June 2pm – 4pm and Trawden String Quartet have again agreed to provide background music free of charge. The event is free but any donations will go the Village Hall.

5. Village Hall Report
The Caretaker reported no current maintenance or other issues at the Village Hall.  There are now three different regular user groups who together provided an income of £380 during the month of March and one birthday party was held. The handle for the broken window latch in the meeting room has been purchased.

6. Finance Report – The balance in the Village Hall current account on 3rd April 2018 is £7831

S Burnett provided the written monthly activity report and handed £53.16 cash to the Clerk.

The coffee morning received approx. 6.50 in cash donations.  The mandate for the Village Hall Current Account was amended to remove the names of the previous Clerk and Chair and to add the current Clerk.

7. Authorisation of Payments
Direct debit payments as per payment schedule were noted and approved.  No cheque payments required.

8. Any other business – There was no further business to discuss

Date of Next Meeting Monday 14th May 2018 at 7 pm.


 Foulridge Village Hall Committee Meeting 9th April 2018
To be held in Foulridge Village Hall at 7pm

1. Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting held 5th March 2018

3. Matters Arising

4. Village Hall Report – S Burnett

5. Finance Report

6. Authorisation of Payments

7. AOB

Date of Next Meeting Monday 14th May 2018 at 7 pm.

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