Minutes – 5th March 2018

MINUTES 5th March

T Clark (Chair), M Howson, B Knowles, A Law-Riding, H Nicholson, J Storey
(Vice chair), G Toft, G Cannon
In attendance: D Cocker (Clerk) 

1. Apologies and approval of absences
Brian Whitfield

2. To receive declarations of interest

3. To resolve that the Minutes of the last meeting held 5th February 2018 Approved
Approved as a true record

 4. Matters arising
a. Xmas Tree.   Approximately 12 written responses received from residents to date all stating a preference for a real tree.  Some discussion took place about other long term alternatives e.g. the planting of a living tree. Councillors will investigate the possibility of sponsorship. 

b. Flag pole at Cenotaph.  Agreed size 5’x3’ and to price one of cotton, sewn material of good quality available from the Knaresborough company.

c. Website.  B Knowles and J Storey are working to ensure the Parish Council website is compliant with the Transparency Code and good practice.  A map of Council owned land has recently been uploaded to the site and financial governance information will be added. The Clerk will forward last years audited accounts to B Knowles for upload.

d. Highways issues. Councillor David Whipp gave an update on highways maintenance and grit bins.

Regarding the persistent flooding at Cocker Hill, residents have taken some action and the County Council have been asked to investigate why the flooding cannot be resolved.

5. To receive an update on issues discussed at the last meeting

 a. Allotments  – B Whitfield not present – The Clerk reported that the allotment  tenancy agreements and invoices have been sent out for 2018/19.  Land and Garages invoices will be sent next week.

b. Foulridge Cricket Club Lease – B Knowles. A response has been received from the Cricket Club by the Working Group.  A meeting with them is to be arranged.

c. Horticulture – T Clark – More work has been carried out to chop down the overgrown willow by the lower reservoir and the view across the lake towards Pendle has been improved.  Volunteers to help with chopping up and burning would be welcome. The work needs to be completed by the end of March to protect nesting birds.  The quotation to create another dozen planters for decking £286.99  plus VAT  was approved but Councillor Toft may have found a cheaper supplier.  It was agreed to approve the above quote but leave purchase pending until  the potential new supply is investigated.

d. Area champions – G Cannon has signed up with the Colne group associated with Keep Britain Tidy.   Litter levels are low around the village at present with the exception of the high speed road at Whitemoor/Standing Stone Gate which is too dangerous to walk along.  It was proposed and agreed that the handyman could be asked to do a regular litter pick around the village but no timetable was finalised.  The Great British Spring Clean has been postponed because of snow.

e. Calendar & Newsletter – J Storey
Newsletter – The next edition is in progress. Any new ideas are welcome.
Calendar – Councillors were keen that the calendar should go ahead and agreed it was a popular item. There was some discussion about the theme of the calendar for 2019 and Cllr Storey asked Councillors to email her with ideas for themes.
Proposed Antiques Roadshow:  Agreement was given to go ahead with planning.  J Storey will contact agents to confirm dates & details.

f. Bus Shelter advertising – T Clark – The bus shelter opposite the church has been cleaned and the scratched and damaged Perspex removed for replacement.  The quote for six new panels = £186.52 inc VAT and delivery. Rivets and beading are also required. Toughened glass was discussed as an alternative but not approved as previously when glass was installed, it was regularly broken.  T Clark will get prices for lower aluminium sections and new acrylic tops and the work was approved. An initial quote for cleaning the shelters has been received which T Clark will follow up.

g. Defibrillator training – Nothing to report

6. Pendle Council Issues –  Report from G Waugh.  Councillor Waugh gave some background information with regard to road maintenance.  Only arterial routes are paid for by central government.

A resident has reported a loose street sign which has been reported appropriately.  Proposed road repair schemes were circulated prior to meeting. Other matters included complaints received about gridlocked traffic and cars aquaplaning on Skipton New Road near the Stone Trough.

Indications from the Transport NW plan suggest a rail link to Skipton has become likely though this may not necessarily keep to the old route and stops. A bypass for the villages is also still on the agenda.

G Waugh is to attend a Ceremonial bricklaying with the local MP and will take the opportunity to highlight undeveloped land with planning permission in the village.  The planning application for the proposed development at the Church will be discussed on Thursday of this week.

7. Residents’ Issues
Breeze Cottage.  An email and was received before meeting but councillors had been unable to open the attachment to view and consider this.  The Clerk will contact the resident to ask for a different format.

There is an issue with regard to out of date contact names and addresses having been recorded on registry documents for land owned by the Council.   G Cannon is meeting with S Anderson from D Race and Newton Solicitors who hold the relevant documents to discuss a long term solution. It was agreed that the landowners should always be stated as Foulridge Parish Council and for continuity the addresses should be changed to Foulridge Village Hall.  There will be costs involved but it is essential for future management that the landowner is identifiable and contactable.    Councillor Cannon will report back at the next meeting. No financial commitment has been agreed to date.

8. Finance
a. Balance of accounts  at 20/2/2017
Current a/c = £15626.74
Deposit a/c = £9619.04
Noyna Publishing a/c = £3325.20
b. Authorisation of payments – Approved and cheques signed for payment.
c. Noyna Publishing Account.  The balance in this dormant account will be transferred       this week to the deposit/savings account to form part of the General and MUGA             reserve for 2018/19.
d. The budget for 2018/19 has been circulated and minor changes/clarifications to              headings approved.

9. New items for Consideration
a. Sewage works – G Toft to contact Yorkshire Water to see if they are amenable to the planting of trees to screen the works from Skipton Road.

 10. To consider and agree on work for the handyman – The Notice board has been repaired and can now be opened.

11. To consider applications to Planning & Highways – Weekly lists circulated prior to meeting

12. Any other business
At the recent Finance Workshop held by LALC, the Community Infrastructure Levy was discussed.   Anita Law Riding will investigate whether there are payments due to Foulridge Parish Council under this scheme.

Date and time of the next meeting – Monday 9th April 2018 at 7.30

Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  Please contact Deborah Cocker on 01282 867474 prior to the meeting if you wish to speak on a particular topic.


 Foulridge Village Hall Committee Meeting
5th March at 7.00 pm

 Present: T Clark (Chair), M Howson, B Knowles, A Law-Riding, H Nicholson, J Storey, G Toft, G Cannon
In attendance: D Cocker (Clerk), G Waugh (PBC)

1.Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest
Apologies for absence from Brian Whitfield were received and approved.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting held 5th February 2018
Approved as a true record

3. Matters Arising
J Storey – The first Coffee Morning and Book Swap has been organised as a one off event initially to assess interest and attendance.   The event will take place Thursday 8th March from 10am to 12 noon and is free of charge.  The purchase of 2 second hand bookcases at £20.00 each was approved.

Members agreed that J Storey should go ahead with arrangements for an Antiques Roadshow type event – date, time and ticket price to be advised following discussion with agents.  Members agreed that the event is likely to be popular and good ticket sales are anticipated.

Xmas Party 2018.  H Nicholson –  Entertainers Glen and Danielle and the Caterer have been booked for the next party. The event will take place this year on 13th December.

4. Village Hall Report – S Burnett
A new report form detailing village hall users and income each month has been created and is now in use.

The Clerk is now issuing receipts for cash brought to the meeting for banking.

Stuart has made regular water meter readings to check for leaks.  The readings show usage of one unit overnight when the hall isn’t in use, which is thought to be the volume of the auto flush in the Gents toilets.  A new annual water bill has been received for waste water.  The Council expressed concern re the cost of water and wastewater.  B Knowles agreed to analyse the bills received over this financial year and to report back at the next meeting.

One of the bollards outside the village hall been knocked over and reported.

The new outside light has been fitted and visibility around the entrance door is much improved.

The purchase of an emergency light inside the meter cupboard was suggested and the members agreed a plug in torch would be a useful purchase in the event of a power cut or blown fuse.  Purchase of a reasonably priced emergency torch/light approved.

Fire alarm instructions have been received. This is a 60 page document. A PIN is needed to reset the alarm but this didn’t completely silence the alarm last time it was used.  To contact Protec for clarification.

5. Finance Report
The balance in the Village Hall Account at 20th February 2018 is £7613.45

The monthly user report was brought to the meeting and reviewed. Village Hall users’ cash payments and receipts for purchased items as per the report were received by the Clerk and cash receipted.

6. Authorisation of Payments
Payments as per the schedule were approved for payment with the exception of the Waterplus invoice which is being investigated as per item 4 above.

The broken window catch in the village hall meeting room is still inadequate and needs attention. T Clark will contact a joiner/tradesman.

Date of Next Meeting 9th April 2018



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